Friday 29 August 2014

Tracking "cusp" students for NCEA

It is that time of the year where schools have a major focus on NCEA cusp students. We've created a couple of videos to help you at school track them down so a bit of focus can be applied. Thought I might post them up as a wee reminder of the capability we have across Classic and edge.


With students increasingly managing their own learning (albeit at times with some encouragement), it is good to hear of students logging into either the student part of Classic Web Portals or the student portal in edge - no excuses for not being right on top of credits achieved, UE and, numeracy and literacy status!

Of course parents have similar access through their respective portals. Even though NCEA has been around a while, parents still don't have a real handle on it. Here is a link to the NZQA website to the mobile app they have developed as a general guide:

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