Thursday 26 January 2012

It's good to be back

Rest and relaxation with family and friends over the Christmas break is almost a distant memory. The team here at MUSAC starting rolling back on the 4th of January, support line opened on the 9th of January and we've now released updates to our web product, Classic and commenced roll out of the Classic Web Portals. Updates to Library and Financial Manager are imminent, and Phil and Ngaire are currently at Learning@School in Hamilton.

We are excited about 2012 with the formal release of our web product, the introduction of the Classic Web Portals and VENIM into the MUSAC product suite. The latter are being rolled out in limited release so we can meet demands - the portals themselves were tested in schools in 2011.

Following the popularity of the free MUSAC seminars in 2011, we're going to expand on these in 2012 - larger centres every term, smaller centres every second term and more remote places might just be the oncer. To keep costs down we'll be in touch to secure a host school in the region and we'll have Term 1 visits locked in and up on the website as soon as we can in February.

MUSAC Agents Edtech and Solutions and Services are also out in schools helping get the year started. Edtech and Solutions and Services have been working on ClassRoom Manager customisations with both having extensive Primary and Secondary graphing, analysis and aggregation capabilities. The key, obviously, is the conversation with the school about individual school goals and targets and ensuring staff are familiar and know how to use the functionality.

Boards will be wanting analysis of variance reports - MUSAC Agents can provide assistance if this is currently a chore.

Enough from me. It is good to be back. We're excited and energised about 2012 and look forward to continuing to be of service, meeting and discussing your ever changing needs and requirements.