Thursday 5 November 2009

The original Teacher's Pet

I started drag racing in the mid-late nineties and, as a teacher, it made perfect sense to drive under the Teacher’s Pet banner. The kids at the race tracks loved it and being used to kids, I’d often let them sit in the car and talk to them about racing.

This car was campaigned in Christchurch at Ruapuna Raceway, Teretonga in Invercargil and at Meremere near Auckland. I also raced at a few local club road race tracks as well. I have won National Championships and National Titles and happened to win the North Island series much to my competitiors disgust…..a South Islander for a start and then a woman as well!!! I currently still hold a New Zealand record in my class of 153 m.p.h. in 8.9 sec. Fastest Principal around!! Haven’t raced for a few years now as the business my husband and I run cuts into summer racing time, but as you can see, we’ve still go the car and take it out every once and a while.

So, I’m glad you have met the ‘original’ Teacher’s Pet and I hope you enjoy the story and the pictures.

Dianne Prendergast
Lauriston School

Monday 2 November 2009

Lip Luggage

It's that time of the year again where some of the boys from MUSAC are warming their top lips with some lip luggage - Movember is upon us!

Whilst the hairy slugs are a good source of amusement around the office, it is also in support of a good cause: men's health, specifically prostate cancer and mental health. If you would like to contribute to the cause or just show your support of the astounding hair-growing abilities of the MOSAC men, click here and search for the 'Mosac 2009' team.

Photos of the best, dodgiest, hairiest and most fantastic Mo's are sure to follow during the month...