Tuesday 2 September 2014

Cloud Services we use at MUSAC ... and intend to

Not all services are destined for the cloud, but many are. A bunch of the services we use at MUSAC are still internal/Massey/server/desktop based, but we've moved many to cloud based or a hosted option. Personally, I use a bunch as well.

From the MUSAC perspective, we use Xero as our accounting package. It is early days for us with Xero and there are a bunch of things that are easier and some things we miss ... but this is not a Xero review blog post.

Our CRM is hosted by OneNet and by and large this has worked quite well for us.

Within the team, we have some of us using DropBox and OneDrive (the cloud service previously known as skydrive). As we are also still attached to Massey our email is still part of the corporate University structure, but once our Charitable status is validated it is my intention to head down the Office 365 route. The services bundled in Office 365 will suit us down to the ground and help us particularly around collaboration. My personal life has a google domain account and I've had skydrive/Onedrive and outlook.com for quite some time. Really like the way Microsoft have shaped up Office 365. Google docs is a little too simple for my business needs althouigh to be honest I've not used it for a couple of years - so should probably have another look.

Other cloud services we leverage and have active accounts with here at MUSAC:

  • twitter
  • Skype
  • blogger
  • survey monkey
  • mailchimp
  • youtube
  • goto meeting
  • Google analytics

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