Thursday 17 September 2009

MUSAC at the KnowledgeNET conference

Dataview, the company that produces KnowledgeNET are having a conference at Takapuna Grammar school tomorrow and Saturday. MUSAC has had a long standing relationship with Dataview and have worked together on a data exchange pilot with a number of North Shore schools. The resulting interoperability schema is now operating in a number of other schools around New Zealand.

Interoperability is not straight forward, however, Dataview and MUSAC have worked pragmatically to get over many issues to give schools a workable solution. Part of what MUSAC learned during the pilot and subsequently has also driven our strategy which we anticipate should result in interoperability with KnowledgeNET even easier in the future.

Dataview has a neat product and have been in the market with schools for a good few years now. Worth a look.

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