Thursday 11 June 2009

Protons, Protein and Presentations

Had an overnight visit to Nelson. We were put up in the Rutherford Hotel (which seemed appropriate given my quantum background, although Ern would be disappointed about the Chemistry aspect) and were treated to a meal at Hopgoods restaurant and bar on Trafalgar St with timetabling legends John and Christine. Smoked duck, venison, lamb and creme brulee for the MUSAC boys washed down with local Chardonnay. The conversation ranged widely but we couldn't help but vision some more with new ideas, new problems and tremendous insights being shared. Solved a few of the worlds other major problems also. Food was fantastic and the many awards won by the chef there were clearly well deserved.

Thursday was back to work with a sharing of the MUSAC vision and progress with a group from the Nelson region. As was highlighted in the previous focus group, there are a couple of areas for us to think harder about. The philosophy and fundamentals of our approach seemed to meet with general agreement and it was great to debate those areas which form part of the paradigm shift. Really appreciated the time made available for us by all attending. We gain a lot from these sessions and look forward to delivering that value back to customers - current and future.

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