Thursday 8 September 2011

SMS-LMS v2.2 Update

Quick update on SMS-LMS v2.2. The addition of a more robust validation tool (Saxon for the technically interested), addressing of several defects and addition of 2.2 changes has been integrated and is now through to testing. The MUSAC Interoperability Control Centre (MICC, not to be confused with the Cricket Council) will also need regression testing as part of our standard process.

Next step is working with Watchdog and Edtech for KnowledgeNET, Moodle and UltraNET provisioning for target release of early October, as previously indicated.

LMS interoperability has been a long road for all vendors. As I mentioned, we waited until some of the dust settled before diving in, hence why it appears we're "slow". Our downfall was primarily that we did not have very good validation at the SMS end, else we would be in a better position now.

As I mentioned previously, we're looking to to take a more leading role. We believe we have wider support for an incremental change to the interoperability schema than more wholesale at this time. Of course, we also need to be looking ahead and establishing requirements for the future now so we can be ready.

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