Tuesday 17 May 2011

Recruitment drive

Some of you may have seen MUSAC has been undertaking a major recruitment drive in the recent months. At the end of this drive our staff numbers will be around 30 - a major contrast from the early days of Rory and Doug in one of the Massey University windowless offices in the early 90's.

We're conscious that we've not got our new web application to the level you want it so we've put a bit more weight behind that project. We're also working harder on better support and so in order to free people up to make improvements we've added more resource in support also. All this as well as keeping up with all the demands of the Ministry and NZQA around NCEA, National Standards and interoperability.

If you've missed our advertisements we're looking for developers and business analysts on a fixed term and permanent basis. Development is Agile, so experience there is a must. Find us on Seek or jobs.massey.ac.nz.

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