Thursday 18 March 2010

PRESS RELEASE: MUSAC establishes stronger links to SPANZ

MUSAC is proud to announce a three year silver sponsorship of SPANZ the Secondary Principals' Association of New Zealand. "MUSAC software is the most widely used software package for school administration across New Zealand Secondary schools and it is great to be able to be able to reciprocate the support we've had from secondary schools through sponsorship of SPANZ”.

MUSAC managing director Dr Jeremy Dombroski says the MUSAC business has been through tremendous change over the past five years following the rapid growth of the business in the early years. "How we work with schools in 2010 contrasts immensely with how we worked with schools in 1990 and this will continue to evolve as technology and new partnerships provide opportunities. What hasn’t changed is the support we receive from secondary schools and our commitment to work with schools to make administration easy, so schools can focus on their core role of teaching and learning."

The first year of SPANZ sponsorship coincides with a landmark change in the way MUSAC provides services to schools.

MUSAC is the most widely used brand of administrative software in New Zealand schools and provides an extensive suite of applications for the administration of all schools, including administration and management of assessment, timetabling, curriculum, attendance, library resources, finances and assets.

The software has been developed in consultation with senior school managers and educators to deliver the flexibility required by schools to access the information they need.

MUSAC is owned by, and based within Massey University's College of Education.

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