Friday 29 January 2010

PRESS RELEASE: School administration and support specialists renew and strengthen long-standing partnership

MUSAC has renewed an agency agreement with leading ICT Support Specialist, Edtech to continue a 17-year partnership that will provide consultation, hosting, training and support services for more than 1000 schools using the software throughout the North Island.

MUSAC managing director Dr Jeremy Dombroski says the Edtech agents for MUSAC are truly school-specialists.  “With assessment and reporting systems, Edtech go beyond the traditional method of delivering a one-size-fits-all solution and look at schools’ total needs using MUSAC’s software.” Dr Dombroski says.

Dr Dombroski says the approach uses an innovative assessment and reporting system customised to each individual school, and allows schools to measure, record, and analyse data relating to student achievement using MUSAC Software.

The information is then translated into reports for parents, teachers, management and boards of trustees. It is also used to inform classroom practice and strategies for learning for individual students and classes across the school. 

A consultation service is also provided to ensure schools get the best results from their investment in the MUSAC software. Edtech consultants are based in six centres throughout the North Island,  and the renewed agreement with Edtech allows the delivery of face-to-face training services.

In 2010, Edtech will release and enhance new services unparalleled in New Zealand – particularly around National Standards and Timetabling. These services will augment existing services including the Edtech Financial Services team.

Edtech has over 200 people-years MUSAC experience on top of actual classroom experience. “Edtech’s General Manager of MUSAC Services, Gaylene Hotchkiss, has not only been assisting MUSAC with our National Standards project, but also liaising with the Ministry such is her knowledge and experience.”

MUSAC is the most widely used brand of administrative software in New Zealand schools and provides an extensive suite of applications for the administration of all schools, including administration and management of assessment, curriculum, attendance, library resources, finances and assets.

The software has been developed in consultation with senior school managers and educators to deliver the flexibility required by schools to access the information they need,

MUSAC is owned by, and based within Massey University's College of Education.

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