Tuesday 28 July 2009

Beta Schools

As we venture down the path to full release, MUSAC has been meeting with a number of schools about the possibility of taking on the software as a beta school.

It has been a fun process of working through the various factors that would make the "ideal" candidate. The ideal candidate in this case hasn't been difficult to find. There are some functionality criteria - all the practical stuff - including internet bandwidth and connectivity in classrooms. Thereafter, I've continued the voyage of discovery that I am on understanding the special individual character of many schools. The two schools we'll be inviting to join in our pilot/beta programme have some similarities, but also have major differences to do with their special characters.

Significantly, is that both schools don't see themselves as leading edge in technology and in some ways want to take steps forward. Not all the admin and teaching staff are computer whizzes. These are the attributes which make them ideal. Real schools, real people providing real feedback about MUSAC's new software. Ideal.

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